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Taemin goes to enter acting world

Posted by Superkids on May 5, 2009

taemin_the cuter magnae_

Taemin, the sweetheart magnae of shinee will make his debut as an actor in a TV sitcom, “Tae-hee, Hye gyo, Ji hyun”. He has casted as Junsu, the boy who’s making every girl fallin’ in love with him because of everything he has. Just like his cute, charm, artistic and rich. *ih waw…I’m looking for the boy like this*. And of course he will enter a triangle love with two girls. *both of those girl aren’t me* T.T Read the rest of this entry »


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Bigbang plays in a caffe latte CF

Posted by Superkids on May 5, 2009


Big Bang had played in a CF,  after those beer CF. They didn’t drink beer anymore,  in this caffe latte CF,  they didn’t drink coffe either.  They just took some photos with these product without drunk it. *although, I think the coffes are so delicious*. Well, this CF includes a large scale bigbang’s concert, complete of the fans’ scream. An ad put an online signed up to be the extras and you know what, All of their fans were registered within 8 minutes. Wow…for VIP, have you enrolled?

In this CF, Taeyang become a resolute person when he is got an fury by someone. TOP seems too happy because of their fans’ enthusiastic. While, GD is like an exhaustion man. His eyes look blackish. And the ends of this CF teaser are the shout of Taeyang and GD says “caffe latte coming soon”. *although this part isn’t important to write here* Read the rest of this entry »

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G-Dragon won’t release his solo album on spring

Posted by Superkids on May 3, 2009


since the rumor of G-dragon’s solo debut on April had passed, YG enterntainment started to say something.

The management company explained that the flamboyant, leopard print loving pop act is overworked and so tired for the upcoming release of bigbang’s new japanese album on june, shooting commercials, and working on 2NE1’s album. Read the rest of this entry »

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