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Go Hye Sun’s CF

Posted by Superkids on May 3, 2009


Go Hye Sun, the female lead character of boys over flower or kkotboda namja hasn’t appeared in any CF yet but recently, she turned up in a ADefying‘s beauty cream CF.

The story of her CF is like this…Go Hye Sun played in a game to whack a mole by hammer, which the moles appear from a hole. At first,  she was unsuccesful to hit the moles. But, after that, she lubricated the ADefying’s cream in her cheek. Because of the power of ADefying’s cream, she was be able to hit all of the cute reddish moles. That great hit, perhaps made the cute reddish moles got a special treatment in an ICU room. *Wow…*

Well, this CF has a important value for us that is…we should use ADefying’s cream to eradicate our moles. Hahahaha…*I’m not sure if it can succes, If you want to get the real succes, just use the rat poison*


2 Responses to “Go Hye Sun’s CF”

  1. aozora_ky said

    hahahaha…you’re right! i think if we use rat poison, the resut will be more great! wkwkwkwk….btw, I like this blog! next time, I’ll visit here again!

  2. Sun_mee said


    She is very cute.


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