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Choi Si Won always wanted to get married???

Posted by Superkids on May 3, 2009


Guys…Kim Heechul revealed that his fellow member, Choi Siwon has always wanted to get married *okay…okay…pull your breath before you continue it*he wants to get married …of course, in the future. On MBC’s Three Turn, it was mentioned that “Siwon has always wanted to get married”. but, while the filmed, it seemed that si won began to has some doubts about marriage. Heechul said that siwon had whispered “does anyone become like that after marriage?” after saw how Jo Hye Ryun and her husband associated. *hehehe…*

The rest of people began to reassure him (siwon) that it was just an act for the camera and they were very happy. But, Lee Kyung Shil couldn’t detain his words and said “what part of them which seems that they are happy? the one is disappear” and it made the people around laughed. Hahahaha…couldn’t you find it, kyung shil-ssi? Altough, I also couldn’t find it. Well, for siwon oppa, maybe…you feel doubt because you are too young to get married. *just like donghae who revealed that he will get married when he is 32 years old*

credits : allkpop


2 Responses to “Choi Si Won always wanted to get married???”

  1. aozora_ky said

    hahahaha…i think siwon is too young to get married! he must enjoy his young era! xP!

  2. Sun_mee said



    i think…….

    Huh?! i can’t speak anything….]

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